Decoration on stand - Personalize your home in a fun and easy way!

Ornaments or decoration on a stand are our favorite home accessories. They often reflect personal memories or reflect your view of the world. Ornaments can be small statues or a statue on a stand that can quickly transform your interior into your own place.

Nice and personal!

We can start right away with all kinds of tips about styles, colors or materials, but the best thing about an ornament is that it has a personal memory for you or symbolizes something. A stone or shell from that one nice spot on that special holiday, for example. Place it under a bell jar or combine it with a number of other small ornaments and you really create something personal. We also really like natural materials and references to animals, but that is a personal decision for everyone. Take a look around our collection of decorations on a stand to see if there is a nice ornament for you!

Materials and shapes

The material and shape of an ornament immediately catch your eye and give the first impression. Ornaments can be made of different materials, such as glass, wood, stone or metal. If you want something natural in your interior, an ornament made of wood or stone is a good choice. If you want something robust, you can also opt for metal, for example. The nice thing about ornaments is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Choose an image on stand in the shape of a heart, ring, animal or abstract object.


The Romans knew it for a long time, decorating buildings and living spaces makes them unique! The word ornament comes from the Latin words ornare and ornamentum, which mean to decorate and ornament. An ornament is therefore an ornament or decoration. At the time, it was mainly used as a term for decorations on buildings, furniture and walls. Later, the term ornament was also used for loose decorations and decoration accessories.

Place ornaments

You can place ornaments or statues on stands in various places in your interior. A place that always works well is a windowsill, a wooden bench or old wooden crate. You can also place small ornaments or statues in a glass cabinet or display case. The nice thing about an ornament is that you can quickly move them or combine them differently if you want a different atmosphere in your room. This way you can always create your own living style with ornaments.

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