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Not only do Ma(e)ike and I have the same name, we also share a passion for interior design. Before we continue, I would like to introduce myself: I am Meike, owner of Mejuma Living . Based on my love for interior design advice and furnishing homes, I focus on creating beautiful interiors with Mejuma Living. I understand that not everyone is handy and creative enough to realize this themselves, which is why I want to help others create a soothing and harmonious feeling at home. I have personally experienced what it is like to live in a place that does not feel like home, and I get great satisfaction from offering others that warm and soothing feeling of home. Seeing radiant faces when an interior comes to life and people feel completely at home is what drives me. Everyone deserves to have a nice home, because home is the most important place in your life.

I prefer to work with beautiful and high-quality products that I fully support. This is where Maike from Life Deco comes into the picture, because this is exactly her specialty. The love for interior design brought us together and we are now joining forces. If you don't know how to turn your house into a home, Maike and I will select the right home accessories that fit exactly into your interior. If you would prefer to first receive a design of what your house could look like, we will be happy to do so!

We are ready to turn your house into a warm and cozy home base where you can completely relax.

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