Fluffy pampas plumes

Tips for fluffy pampas plumes

You know how it is, pampas plumes that just don't stop fluffing! Your whole house is covered!! Here are some tips so that you can fully enjoy those beautiful bunch of pampas plumes. First of all, I would like to tell you that pampas plumes are a natural product and the quality can really differ per season, even per batch! But how do you reduce that flying fluff in your house? Read the tips below: 

The most important!!

Unpack them outside!! During transport, some loose fluff may get into the packaging, you certainly don't want this in your house, so always unpack it outside. 

Shake them out well!

By shaking them out well after unpacking, any loose lint will fall off immediately. It is not only important for the fluff, but this also shakes them open and the fluff comes back into shape (after its entire journey from the field to your house). 

Spray them in!

Now the ultimate tip, for which you will be very grateful. Spray them with hairspray. The effect of this is that loose fluff no longer falls off, but you stick it to the fluff, as it were. I always put them outside after shaking so that they can get some fresh air and get into shape, then apply some hairspray and you're done! 

Now you can enjoy beautiful pampas plumes without any worries.

Thank me later ;)

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