Which dried flowers should you choose?

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are the trend of 2021! Having a choice is always nice, but which dried flowers suit your interior best? We are happy to show you which variants are available and what goes best with what.

choosing dried flowers

Pampas plumes

Pampas plumes are perfect for drying a natural product for applications such as dried flowers. They perfectly keep their shape and appearance as they grow in the wild. In a natural form they display this natural representation most beautifully. But if you want to add a little more color to your interior, you can also go for pampas plumes that have been painted, see for example our black pampas plumes , or the cool ocher yellow pampas plumes .
Pampas plumes dried flowers decoration

Dry bouquet

If you want many different flowers and colors together to give your living room more color, for example, then a dried bouquet with different flowers can be perfect! The ' Color Luxe dried bouquet ' is a perfect example of this, the colors of the different dried flowers immediately attract attention. The dried flowers in a bouquet are often combined with a number of natural shades, for example wheat, grass or pampas plumes, so that a balanced bouquet is created. See our Spring Lilac Bouquet , a lovely bouquet to brighten up your home :)

Droobloemen color luxury bouquet

Lavender dried flowers

Dried flowers naturally last longer than real flowers and have just as cool colors. But can they also smell nice just like fresh flowers? Of course! With dried lavender flowers you can bring that wonderful scent of lavender fields into your living room!

Wheat dried flowers

Do you want to add a natural and neutral color to your interior? Then wheat or wheat grass is a good choice. They are often dried unprocessed or with only minor adjustments. Because they are sturdy, they can also stand alone as a tied wheat bouquet .

tied wheat bouquet

Tropical plants

Sometimes you want something that you do not find in your own garden or in Dutch nature. You long for that great vacation you had in the tropics and the amazing tropical plants you saw. You can place them in your interior as a real or dried variety. They give a jungle feeling and can be nicely combined with decorative images of animals, for example. We are big fans of the ' Tropical Green '.

tropical green dried flowers

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